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Play Set Installation



Play Set Installation

Choosing someone reliable and trustworthy to assemble your child's play set is not as easy as it might sound. When it comes to the swing set industry, poor communication, unsafe installation, and unprofessional behavior are unfortunately widespread in the Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina. Shady installers in the form of "handymen" and nationwide installation companies are charging twice the going rate for installation and performing dangerous, unlevel, and unstable installations. It shouldn't be this way when it comes to your child's play set installation. 

That's where I step in. With 10 years of experience, an eye for detail, and hundreds of swing set installations under my belt, you can be assured that I will install your child's play equipment as if I was installing for my own children. Whether you've purchased a swing set online, or at a big box store, Strongarm  can install it.


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if you’re thinking About Hiring a National Installation Company To Install your Play Set This season. Before you “add to cart…”

As a reputable play set assembler and installer in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina (recommended by Gorilla), I can only offer this story about a well-known national installation company:

Last year, leading up to Christmas of 2017, this company was taking people's money - all up front - as early as October for a "guaranteed installation by Christmas." In January of 2018, I did at least half a dozen installations for folks who DID NOT get their play set installed by Christmas, even though they had laid down their money long before.

These national installation companies are dreadful and they give good installers, bad names. Many of us - the independent installers - go out of our way to over-deliver in the customer service department. Companies like (name omitted), basically call on a network of "handymen" who may or may not have any decent experience with play sets and swing sets. I've seen the work done by these companies, and it ranges from lazy, to criminally negligent in a few cases. Do yourself a favor, and research local installers with actual play set experience. has a great, nationwide directory of actual reputable installers. Thanks for reading.



Excellent work and great communications were provided by Shawn in building our Gorilla Frontier play set that we had drop shipped to our grandchildren’s home. we HIGHLY recommend Shawn!
— Marilyn
First and foremost, thank you for CALLING US BACK! We tried three different installers before calling you and you got back to us within two hours. Also, your willingness to advise us on our purchase before a dime was exchanged made hiring you a no-brainer. An all-around great job!
— Natasha
Excellent work and he didn’t mind the billion questions from my three year old!
— Anne
Shawn did an outstanding job with our play set. My wife and I put our first play set together at our old house three years ago. Never again! It took us two weekends and a lot of heated ‘discussion.’ Lol. A meticulous job done by Shawn and worth every penny.

About Me

I'm a professional play set installer with 10 plus years of experience assembling play sets and playground equipment in the yards of North Carolina. I'm also a proud dad of three. I'm a little particular about my work and I always install with the best interests of the children and parents in mind. No job is too small and my customers are treated with respect regardless of project size.

Yikes!! Look at all that hardware....

Yikes!! Look at all that hardware....

Fantastic work and customer service! He had the whole play set ready in less than two days. Saved me and my Dad from arguing and trying to figure it out!
— Mack

"We would highly recommend Shawn! He was so helpful from the start with his recommendations for the best playset for our kids that was of good quality and age appropriate. When he came to install the set, he was kind, polite, and extremely efficient. He is so organized and runs like a well oiled machine. He and Ben knocked out our monster swing set in 1 day...even braving a pop up storm and monsoon! Hiring a professional was the best decision we could make! Worth every penny to know that our set is installed correctly and safe for our kids for many years to come! Thank you!"

- Jenna S.