Play Set Installation

You buy. I build. I assemble the play sets, swing sets, playhouses, etc., that you purchase online or at a big box store. I build the play set and also remove the large amounts of cardboard and trash that come with equipment. "Leave no trace." Note: Because of the logistics and requirements of proper disposal, I unfortunately cannot haul away most pallets/skids on which play sets are delivered.

Serving: Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, Greensboro, Cary, Morrisville, Hillsborough, Burlington, Garner, Holly Springs, Mebane, Efland, and many surrounding areas.


Brands that i install

I install and assemble equipment from most of the name brand play set companies. This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Gorilla (*preferred installer status on the Gorilla website)

  • Playnation

  • Cedar Summit

  • Backyard Discovery

  • Lifetime

  • Home Depot

  • Lowes

  • The list goes on.....


Consultation and Advice

With many years of experience assembling play sets in the Triangle area of North Carolina, I am qualified and confident in giving advice to folks. Many times, families need guidance before they even purchase a play set. Consultation and common-sense advice via phone, email, or text is always free of charge and obligation. Onsite consultation can be arranged and sometimes requires a small fee (which can be applied to the installation should you hire me). Some common questions are:

  • What brands are best?

  • Is my yard level enough for a play set?

  • How much space do I really need?

  • What size play set will my kids enjoy and USE based on their ages?

  • What kind of ground cover do I put down? Mulch, grass, rubber, etc?

  • What features best suit my kids?

  • How do I handle a play set delivered via a freight or trucking company?

  • What kind of maintenance does my play set require?

  • How long will my play set last?

  • Should I purchase a used play set? (see info on this same page regarding moving a play set).

  • What do I look for when hiring an installer?

  • How long does installation take? How long SHOULD it take?

  • We're not planning on living at this location much longer. What do we do if we move?

  • Why won't other installers CALL ME BACK!?

  • Much, much more.....



Play Set Relocation

I sometimes move play sets locally from yard to yard. I provide breakdown, transport, and reassembly of the set all in a safe, reliable, and timely manner. I can work around closing dates when you have purchased a new home. Contact me for specifics regarding your particular relocation, but please make sure that you read below.

Important notes & requirements of relocating a pre-owned play set:

  • The play set, whether it’s yours or one that you are purchasing, absolutely must be in good enough physical condition to survive the move to a new yard or location. The owner or buyer must inspect the play set in person or through detailed photos to check for damage and most importantly, ROT. Many times, rotten wood and rusted-out hardware around the base of the set, as well as in other places, cannot be seen in pictures. Sometimes, what seems like a great deal on a marketplace site, unfortunately turns out to be the seller’s attempt at having the buyer remove an eyesore from their property. I cannot move any play set purchased sight-unseen via the internet. I reserve the right to cancel or postpone the relocation of a play set, if upon arrival finding that the play set is not in good condition.

More than a few times over the years, I have been hired by a family to relocate a used play set, only to find upon arrival that it is not in good enough condition to withstand breakdown, transport, reassembly, and leveling. My policy is this : If I wouldn’t let my own kids play on it, then I won’t put it up for your kids to play on it. If this happens, I more than likely still have to charge the buyer a small fee for the trip and the lost time. So please - know what you are buying, even if it’s free, or a gift from friends or family. In some cases, custom repairs can be made to make the set one that can be safely relocated. This will incur extra fees for time and materials.

  • Also very important - When buying or receiving a pre-owned play set, please compare the yard that it was in, to the new destination, For example, a set that had great fun-factor in one yard, might not work as well in another yard if the space is too small, and/or too sloped. Please measure both the physical dimensions of the set, as well as the slope and gradient. I reserve the right to cancel or postpone the relocation of a play set, if upon arrival finding that the new yard is not suitable for installation.


Play Set Repair & Safety Inspections

Sometimes you just need some repairs and general maintenance. I do that too, and at a reasonable cost. I can also help decide whether or not your swing set is still safe for the kids to play on. I look for damaged or rotted wood, and check all hardware. And in the unfortunate event that you hired a sub-par installer for the original installation, I can often times step in and "rescue" the play set and it's installation.

Other Services

While play set installation keeps me pretty busy, I also take on other assembly projects such as gazebos, deck and lawn furniture, pre-made sheds and outbuildings. I'll also assemble fitness equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, climbers, etc. If you don't see it listed, just ask! 




A Gorilla "Chateau" Play Set

A Gorilla "Chateau" Play Set